Pike's Peak Arts Festival in Colorado Springs

I just received the acceptance letter for my first art show for my pastel paintings.  We've shown my photography for a few years and took last year off because of my service dog Katya's cancer.  She was only given a few weeks to a couple of months to live, but her will has far outshown anything.  It has been almost 2 years now, and she is till going strong.  She was even written up by our oncologist, Dr Elmslie ( it is the January/Feb 2009 issue).  Anyway, in taking the year off, I decided to concentrate on my pastels instead of the photography.  Guess its paid off a bit.

The show is on the 4th of July weekend at the America the Beautiful Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The park is at I-25 and Hwy 24 Cimarron (take the Cimarron exit off of 25).  Hours are:

Friday: 4pm - 7:30pm

Saturday: 10am - 6pm

Sunday: 10am - 5pm

We hope to see you there!  If you would like more information about the festival, their website is Pike's Peak Art Fest.  

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